Isaiah Berlin i els valors liberals

Al darrer paragraf de la biografia de Isaiah Berlin que escriu Michael Ignatieff hi he trobat aquesta joia:

"When he was eighty-five, I asked what most surprised him about his life. 'The mere fact that I should have lived so peacefully and so happily through so many horrors'. A survivor's guilt always shadowed his happiness. How could he forget the darkness ? It had claimed his very own. It had been 'the worst century there has ever been', in wanton destruction of innocent human life and in murderous unreason masking itself as reson. It was this sense of ambient darkness that gave a sombre eloquence to the best of his writing and passion to his intellectual vocation. But he did not allow the times to dictate to his nature. Biography is the art of the singular and he was absolutely singular: the voice, the mind, the playfulness of both, the lightness of his being and the gravity of his best ideas were all one of a kind. In a dark century, he showed what a life of the mind should be: sceptical, ironical, dispassionate and free."